Illusion duo 298

Name: Hannah, Gergő
Height: 171cm, 178cm
Date of birth: 02/05/84, 10/05/91
Country: Hungary
City: Budapest

Professional dancer (Bird College, London)

Acrobatic Basketball Player (Sports degree)


2018 Awaji Art Circus, Japan

2018 Central Szinhaz, Budapest

2018 Excel Centre, London

2019 Fashion Circus UK Tour, London/Birmingham/Leicester/Leeds

Additional Information:

Illusion duo is a fun and modern quick change act ready to challenge your perception of magic.
From established international backgrounds in dance and acrobatic basketball, Hannah (professional dancer) and Geri (member of FACE TEAM, the Hungarian acrobatic basketball team) invite you to join them on their unique journey of love, life and happiness...
Combining beautiful, colourful Swarovski-clad costumes with energetic music, an original concept, dance, comedy, sport and acrobatics; SOUL ILLUSION is an act sure to wow audiences of all ages and nationalities!