Magician and Illusionist 302

Name: Hezi
Height: 175
Date of birth: 29/04/1980
Country: Israel
City: Tel Aviv

Hezi, an Israeli illusions artist, now considered one of the best magicians in the world.
Hezi, who developed into the world of magic from a young age, has accumulated vast knowledge and experience over the years, who have set him together amongst the world’s handful of magicians who are considered masters of magical art in all its aspects – illusion, extreme, Sleight of hand, street magic and the art of the senses and telepathy
Each of the categories became a contemporary law because of its unique theater, presentation and tactual abilities that accompanied and made each performance unforgettable

Cabaret Show

In an era when you’ve seen everything about events, you can say that it’s almost impossible to innovate and surprise.
Despite all this, we are confident that in your next event, you would like to stir up and break the familiar routine. So how can you make it happen... With A Little Touch Of Magic
You are invited to go through a fantastic experience and watch a magic show and illusions – a show that connects supernatural and unexplained abilities
Get ready to see everything that can not be, unexplained, unreasonable, and make you ask at the end, Wow how did he do it?? 60 min of an entertaining, sophisticated, amazing and witty performance, in collaboration with the audience — the Incredible Hezi Dean’s show – magic, illusions and everything that is impossible


“Magic – the ability to do something that in reality cannot happen”

Magic art can connect people, surprise them, make them laugh and create moments they will not forget
Whether it’s a reception or a Mingling event, we have the best solution to give your guests an experience that will touch every one of them personally
Hezi Dean will go through your crowd of guests and amaze them with magic that will drive them crazy
From the Israeli television show "Intimate magic" with Hezi Dean